Party Animals


Hi! I held off doing my ‘Saturday is Caturday’ post until today because I knew I would be seeing this cool cat last night. This is Columbo and he is my sister’s boy.

Cumbie came to their household from a shelter about two years ago. We’re not sure how old he is, but he was fully grown when we met him.

This big guy has the thickest fur I have ever seen on a cat, making him very cuddly, but don’t try to pick him up! While he is very friendly and happy to be petted and scratched under the chin, he simply will not tolerate being lifted from the ground. He likes to have four paws on the ground.





A cute kitten cup made a purrfect beer-mug for a new friend. (Love her ring!)


These pictures were taken at a fun house party of which I’ll post more pictures during the week. In fact, next week will be party central around here because I went to two of them last week!

There was also a cat at the other party, but he (she?) kept his distance from the crowd, preferring to watch the action from the top of the stairs. (The reason there is a manikin in this picture is because it was a fashion week warm-up party.)


I hope you’re having (had) a great weekend.
xo loulou