Bits and Pieces : January 2013

Hello. Here is my monthly post showing those photos I liked but that didn’t fit into any other story done during the month. I hope you like them too!











( 1) I never get tired of seeing a police person patrolling the streets on horseback, this one on King Street West.
( 2) Perpetually four o’clock. A cute store window on Queen Street West.
( 3) Fishy back alley.
( 4) Yellow taxi beside old building, which was just cleaned and repaired, bringing it back to it’s former beauty. It would have been built around 1900.
( 5) Huge icicle at dusk.
( 6) Nick’s mother sends us a homemade plum pudding every Christmas. Here it is, brandied and afire.
( 7) My mom and dad brought us a beautiful box of handmade Chocolates at Christmas.
( 8) I can’t believe I still have this teapot and it’s not chipped. I bought it in Chinatown when I was a teen.
( 9) Oh this is just a picture of a red bell pepper ….
(10) … a really tiny bell pepper that is! Nick bought some of these teeny peppers in Kensington Market and I wouldn’t let him cook with them until I took a picture!

Thank you very much for dropping by. It means a lot to me that you do :)

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