A Look at the Gift Shop for the Turner Exhibit at the AGO


This is a quick tag-along to yesterday’s post about my recent visit to the AGO to see the J.M.W. Turner show … Here is the little gift shop that is set up at the end of the exhibit, that you pass through in order to leave. It is so charmingly done, that I thought you’d like to see.

Since the art in the exhibit was created during the Victorian era (the last 15 years of Turner’s life), the gift shop is set up to look like a salon from that time. And since the art was done by a British artist, the items on offer had a definite British air.



gift-shop-at-ago-connected-to-turner-exhibit art gallery of ontario










I believe you can get to this small gift shop from within the art gallery, even if you don’t go to the Turner exhibit, so you could go have a look on a Wednesday evening when admission to the gallery is free. It will be there until the exhibit closes on January 31st, 2016.

Or, if you’ve seen enough of the space from these photos but would still like to check out the items for sale, take a look in the AGO’s main gift shop that’s located right beside the entrance. They probably have some of the items in there too. The larger shop is open to everyone whenever the gallery is open, and is really fun to look around in, regardless of what is showing in the gallery at the time. There are so many unique and interesting things in there.

Thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou