Happening Upon Something Good : Trinity Bellwoods Flea


The definition for flea market is “a usually outdoor market in which old and used goods are sold“. That’s from the Merriam Webster dictionary, with the Oxford Dictionary going further and stating that these types of sales “specialize in shabby second-hand goods of the kind that might contain fleas“.

This is what first came to mind when I’d heard about the flea market that regularly happens in our neighbourhood — well, minus the fleas and shabbiness, that is. I thought they were primarily places to find vintage things, with this impression reinforced earlier this summer after a visit to the Roncey Flea Market where pretty well everything on offer was vintage. There certainly were lovely items there, but since I’m an avid thrift-store shopper myself, with a focus on the vintage finds, I already have plenty of that type of stuff so only picked up one small item there.

Then, this past Saturday, Nick and I were out for an aimless walk, doing this and that (hello Portuguese bakery with the freshly made goods), when we came upon the “Trinity Bellwoods Flea” in progress.

There was a table set up outside displaying lovely handmade jewellery, and another with a nicely chosen selection of vintage clothes. A peek through the door brought a glimpse of brightly coloured handmade donuts and delicious looking chocolates, some more jewellery and a whole bunch of intriguing looking tables set up further within. Of course, we went in to have a look.




Described as a “monthly curated marketplace that allows local small businesses and artists to sell locally”, their aim is to offer a unique and diverse experience where Toronto residents have the opportunity to purchase handmade, vintage, beauty, fashion and art directly from the creators and collectors. Clearly, this flea market has nothing to do with the traditional definition of a flea market! The place was filled with friendly and talented artisans and vintage collectors, offering so many great things. We were very glad to have walked in that direction!

Here are pictures I took at some of the tables :


↑ Half Past Zen : Handmade jewellery and attractive Yoga Mat Bags. Find their Etsy shop here. ↑


Bydand Creative : Fine Wood Crafts created by William Todd. Find his Facebook page here. ↑



↑ Newmies : Handmade eco-friendly toys, baby teethers and rattles made with pure wool felt, organic cotton and all natural maple. Find their Esty shop here


↑ Citchen Candle Co : Natural chemical free eco-friendly candles that smelled amazing. Find their website here. ↑



↑ La Jolee : Hand drawn and very charming greeting cards by Jo Lee. Find her website here and Etsy shop here. ↑


↑ A blurry shot of Nick making a purchase. ↑


Whisky & Spice : Additive and preservative free artisanal mustards. See their website and online shop here. ↑


↑ I didn’t get the name of this vendor but love the excellent fabrics she chose for her handmade pouches and cushion covers. ↑


↑ Parchment Moon : Fine Art Prints and Cards, and a cool fridge magnet chess game by Deb Richardson. Find her Tumblr here. ↑


↑ House of Cat : Homemade toys and natural handmade products for cats, and t-shirts for their people. Find their Etsy shop here. ↑



↑ Woo-Hoo Decor : A lovely collection of vintage accessories and home decor. Find their Twitter page here. ↑



↑ Black Iris Design : Stunning handmade jewellery pieces by Iris. Find her website and online shop here. ↑


↑ E.C. Woods : Coasters and wall hooks, with the motto “Bring home the forest”. Find their website and online shop here. ↑

(Thank you kindly to these people for allowing me to take pictures of them and their creations.)

Here is what we brought home. We would have liked one of everything, but, well … you know :



↑ Porter Pepper Mustard from Whisky and Spice. Described thusly : “The intense spiciness of Oriental mustard seed is matched with the deep, rich flavours of Black Creek Historic Brewery Porter. A healthy dose of premium quality Indian black pepper intensifies the spice and complex flavours of this mustard.” We haven’t cracked it open yet, but are looking forward to tasting it.” ↑



↑ A beautiful silver and Labradorite handmade by Iris or Black Iris Design. I love this so much and found it exciting to purchase it from the creator herself. ↑


↑ Part of the proceeds of the sale of these cute t-shirts bought at the “House of Cat” table goes to the Annex Cat Rescue, a group that I’m happy to support. I got an XL that I’ll use as a sleep-shirt. ↑


↑ We have a passageway with a vintage dresser in it, that is a regular place to just put our drink down for a second, and I wanted to find an attractive coaster to leave there, to protect the wood. These purchased at the E.C Woods table, will be perfect for the task. The came in a handmade paper bag which was a nice added touch. (Note, I see that they look a bit crooked in my picture, but in real life they are perfectly flat and work well.) ↑

From their website I get the impression that the vendors at The Trinity Bellwoods Flea change on a regular basis, so I can’t guarantee these same tables will be set up next time, but I can guarantee that what you’ll find there will be good. Upcoming ones will be on Saturday — September 19th, October 17th, November 21st and December 19th. Follow them on Facebook here.

The market is held at Studio/Bar at 824 Dundas Street West (2 1/2 blocks west of Bathurst). Cocktails are served while you shop, by the way.

Oh, and in case you were dying to see what our beloved rescued boy, Eddie, was up to while I was outside taking the pictures of what we bought …


In my next post, I’ll show you pictures of us and the rest of our walk on that beautiful summer Saturday afternoon.

Thanks for dropping over. I hope you’re having a great week.
xo loulou