Recent Thrift Store Finds

Doctor’s orders were that I should get back to walking a bit on my foot after having had surgery, so what better place to go than a trip to the thrift store? Nick dropped me off one day last week and went to the hardware store, coming back to get me after an hour. I was still wearing my ever so attractive strap-on shoe thing (seen in this post), but nobody really cares what you look like at Value Village!

Here’s what I got :


I love coloured glass, so this little vintage green pressed glass dish flew into my basket as soon as I’d checked to make sure there were no chips. I didn’t realize at the time that it was made by Arcoroc France, a brand that I’ve begun collecting after finding this coffee mug and these wine glasses.



These small blue drinking glasses were also a must have. They have no label and I’m not sure if they’re vintage or new, but I like them, and they were certainly priced right at 2 for a dollar.



I did a little dance of joy when I found two vintage Corelle dinner plates in the Old Town Blue pattern. This pattern was discontinued in the 70s, so pristine pieces are relatively hard to come by, especially at the thrift store. I now have a very nice collection of this pattern … these plates will be added to the 3 dinner plates, 3 salad plates, and 2 cereal bowls I have so far.


They also had a couple of Corelle dinner plates in the pattern called Enhancements, which is all white with an attractive texture around the rim. We use our set of these dishes everyday, and needed to replace a couple of plates, so I picked these up. You can still get this pattern today but the thrift store price was right for plates that appear to never have been used.


If you’ve ever been to a Value Village store you’ll know that they put small items such as cutlery together in sealed plastic bags and you pay one price for whatever is in there. These next two pieces came together in such a bag. The scoop, which I think is made for sugar, is obviously very old and would probably be considered an antique. It is well loved, with the silver plated having been worn away in some places, but I love it anyway.

Follow up : I read a book about entertaining and etiquette, and discovered the spoon is actually a “Stilton Scoop”, for serving crumbly cheeses!  We don’t often serve Stilton however do often have other crumbly cheeses like goats cheese.  So, this was a rare score, that will come in quite handy!


That said, the reason I bought that particular bag was for the other piece, a mid-century stainless steel spreading knife with a cute star-burst pattern on the handle. I already have one exactly the same, so was happy to find another to go with it.

Have I ever mentioned (bragged about?) Nick’s mad pie-making skills? He is good! Until now, we’ve never had a good way to store the leftover pie … I just couldn’t part with the $26+ for a new Tupperware pie-keeper, but I really wanted one. So when I found this vintage one, old but very clean and still in perfect working condition, I picked it up for $2. It’s large enough to store the pie while still inside the pie plate.



Check out these old advertising photos for Tupperware. (I’ve never been to a Tupperware party myself but my first job out of university was a short stint working at Tupperware’s Canadian head office, so I have a bit of a soft spot for the company and never call just any plastic storage container ‘Tupperware’, although many people do!) See the pie-keeper there? It appears that woman got it for Christmas! Nice! I see it’s also good for storing cupcakes.


After more than 60 years, they’re still in business. Their site is here – Tupperware.

Yes, I did move away from the kitchenware area long enough to find this lovely piece of 100% cotton flannelette fabric. It’s a discontinued print called Primitive Courtyard by Lisa Seely, for Northcott fabrics (all that info was included on the edge of the fabric). It’s a big piece of brand new material … obviously someone was going to make some pjs but didn’t get to it. While a ‘country kitchen’ look isn’t usually my thing, I think the print is really cute. I plan to make myself a nice cozy (indoor) shawl to use when reading or crocheting in bed, ’cause those nights are a getting cold.




That wraps up the purchases during this little thrifting trip.


By the way, I was at the hospital for a follow-up visit with the surgeon on Friday and she said I could begin transitioning to wearing a normal shoe again. Woot … I’ll be dancing in no time!

Thanks for taking a look. I wish you a great Monday and excellent week to follow.
xo loulou