Recent Thrift Store Finds


I only found a few things to bring home on this trip to the Thrift Store (Value Village), but each piece is very useful and immediately entered the realm of ‘frequently used’ around here.

I’ll start with my favourite find of the day … these glasses. These are Anchor Hocking Boopie Glasses, and I practically dove on them when I saw them. Especially when I saw they were only $2 each. The thing that makes them a Boopie is the beads of glass around the base.

It was funny when I was taking these pictures Nick offered me some wine, so I gave him the glasses to use after I’d photographed them. Then I realized that I’d forgotten to take the pictures of the whole set of things together, so I had to get them back, but he had already poured the wine. He didn’t see me take his back and ended up looking all over the place, thinking that he had set it down somewhere and forgotten where. Finally he thought to ask me if I’d seen his glass of wine anywhere. Umm, yes, actually, I had.




A close second in the favourites department is this beautiful red mug. It isn’t marked so I don’t know anything about it except that it is gorgeous and makes my cup of morning coffee feel very special. I wish there had been more than just the one of these.




Next we have a glass jug, which has been put right to use holding homemade iced tea, a pitcher of which we always have on the go around here, summer or winter. This item was actually on the ‘need it’ list, and most often items on such a list are not the easiest to find at a thrift store, where you have to choose from only the items that are on the shelves on the particular day and time that you visited. So I was happy to find this attractive as well as useful glass container in amongst the crappy plastic jugs. It did come with a plastic lid but it was broken so we tossed it.


The final item in this thrifting haul, is a piece of Fire King Peach Lustre glassware. It’s a cake pan but we’ve been using it for a bunch of different purposes.


It goes with my collection of Peach Lustre. These are pieces we use every day and are usually mixed right in with the rest of our things, but I pulled them all together to get this shot of all that we have.


The bowls with the handles were found on Ebay and the Loaf Pan and Casserole Dish were gifts from my parents, from whom I take after as far as loving the hunt for vintage treasures goes.


Thanks for taking a look. Have you found anything good secondhand lately?
xo loulou