Thrift Store Finds

Hello and welcome! I’ve been to the thrift store (Value Village) and here is what I got …


The bulk of my finds came from the textile racks, where I was quite excited to find that someone had thinned out their collection of vintage tea-towels. There were three great ones, two of which had never even been washed before and one that had but was still looking fresh and clean.

Having been interested in vintage tea-towels for a while, I know that the find of the day was the one with kittens on it. It is probably from the 50s or 60s and tea-towels from back then, with images of cute animals on them are treasured by collectors, so that one has been stored away in a cabinet until I decide what to do with it, while the other two are in rotation in our kitchen.








Next up are some nice 100% cotton napkins. We always use fabric napkins (reusing them several times before laundering, as it’s just the two of us. Of course, guests get fresh ones!), and it’s nice to have a variety.


I am always happy to find a large round tablecloth at the thrift store because our table is bigger than the norm so tablecloths that fit are pretty hard to find and quite expensive when they are found. So this navy blue one, in like-new condition was a welcome score.


Nick cooks often and wears aprons when he does. His old ones were getting pretty beaten up so I picked up this 100% cotton one, that had never been used before for $2.


I was surprised to find this handmade cotton quilt for only $4.99. It’s crisp and fresh and was made to fit a twin bed, so will be perfect for cozying up under in the winter.

It will also be a great picnic blanket. In fact, as I type this, it is folded up in a tote-bag because, it being a holiday here today, we had plans to go enjoy some time in the park with our friend Andrea this afternoon. But the weather would have none of that and instead we hung out at our place, playing Scrabble, eating pizza and watching a movie. Oh, and bad weather wasn’t about to stop us from having some summery cocktails, as we also had a Pina Colada or two.



Moving onto kitchenware, I was happy to find a piece of vintage Pyrex, in this little brown refrigerator dish complete with lid, completely chip free, and going for $1.99.



I also found a couple of vintage Fire King custard bowls … we love these things for portion controlling of snacks. The gold one is not a common piece, and I love coloured glass so I was particularly glad to get that one.


Next up is a vintage milk glass bowl with a handle. We already have a couple of these so I couldn’t leave this one behind.


Here’s a handy Anchor Hocking juice jug. We’ve been using it to store water in the fridge.


And finally, a few pieces to add to our Corelle collection. The yellow pattern is called ‘Butterfly Gold’, which was discontinued in the 80s, and the blue ones are called ‘Blue Onion’ which was discontinued in the 70s.




And that wraps up what I got during this thrifting trip.


Thank you kindly for taking a look.
xo loulou