Recent Thrifted Finds


Here is what I got on my latest trip to the thrift store (Value Village). They have a program in which you get a card stamped for every $5 you spend there over a certain period, and so this time I had a completed card and therefore everything I got was 30% off. It was a happy thrifting time.

Even with the 30% off though, my frugal self told me to put something back that I now realize i should have taken. Now I have the ‘thrift score that got away’ regrets. There was a vintage square pressed-glass tray/plate thing that I liked but didn’t realize by how much. Oh well, I still got some great things without it.

We’ll start with the Decorative Items :

This cobalt glass dish, which I believe is a planter, but could also be a shallow vase, has no markings, but it is thick and heavy and in perfect shape.



↑ See how nicely it goes with my other two blue glass pieces, the vase which was bought during here thrifting trip and the parfait glass I got off ebay and discussed here.↑

A silver coloured ceramic vase, that was brand new and still had the original store tag on it with the price of $20. I got it for $2.



↑ Shown with another silver coloured ceramic vase I found during this thrift store trip. ↑

Here is a silver plated wine bottle coaster. It is heavy and good quality and will be perfect for catching any stray drips when serving wine at the table.



↑ It is for red wine which is not served cold, but all we had was a bottle of bubbly in the house when I took these pictures. I guess we are a household that keeps a bottle of celebratory wine in the fridge because you never know when something you want to clink glasses about will happen. lol.↑

Moving on to the Kitchenware :

I might sound like a broken record talking about my collection of Corelle Dishes because I find a piece on pretty well every thrift store trip I have.


I found these two vintage Corelle plates in perfect unused condition, in the Gingham Black pattern, even though we already have enough dinner plates. But they are a rare pattern that I’ve never seen before that has been discontinued, although I couldn’t find any specific dates for when these were made.


And I found this soup plate with the vintage pattern, Butterfly Gold. That was discontinued in the late 80s so this plate is at least 24 years old. This pattern is popular with collectors and there are still pieces of Butterfly Gold to be found relatively easily on etsy and ebay, however, it was the shape of this one that particularly caught my eye. It is a Soup Plate and I’ve never found one of these in any Corelle pattern at all.



You can see some of my other Butterfly Gold pieces here, where I’ve shown 4 Bread Plates thrifted by my parents and passed along to me, and here, where I show a couple of Pyrex Covered Casserole Dishes. (Pyrex and Corelle were the same company way back when and so Pyrex has what are called Companion Pieces to some of the older Corelle patterns.)

Speaking of Pyrex, I practically dove on this small refrigerator dish when I spotted it tucked into the back of a shelf of less interesting glass pieces. I couldn’t believe I was finding it at a thrift store. The pattern is called ‘Butterprint’ although some people also call it ‘Blue Amish’ and they began making it in the late ’50s. I’m not sure exactly when but they stopped making this style of refrigerator dish in the early 60s because people began using plastic to store their leftovers. We have several in other patterns and we use them all the time. They’re so handy. I have nothing in the Butterprint pattern in my collection but that didn’t stop me from scooping this piece up, being in immaculate condition without a single chip or rough spot.



Moving to the Linen Department :

I found some nice 100% cotton pieces in like-new condition, that happen to all have been made in Canada.


The beach towel is soft Egyptian Cotton and I couldn’t resist the colours and the pattern. We have no immediate plans to go to the beach, but I think this generously sized textile will be very handy to have around the deck this summer where it can be used as a shawl or seat cover. It is also something we can toss into the car on one of our planned road-trips, to have something to sit on at our destination.




↑ And I couldn’t not show you how well it goes with our beloved chairs. ↑

The red kitchen towels are very well made and have that professional kitchen look and feel to them. And one can always use fresh kitchen towels, especially bright red ones.


And that’s it! A pretty good haul, all for 30% off. In total I came out of there with a bit of change from my twenty dollar bill.

Oh yes, and I mentioned yesterday when I wrote this post about our delightful dinner at the home of our friends Chops and Leslie, that I would show you what was inside the gift box she was holding in one of the pictures.





I thought she’d like the piece of Pyrex as she was very interested in seeing my collection when she visited our place, shown here. And I was right, as she was very happy with her gift. Oh, how I love the feeling of finding just the right present for someone! It is at those moments that the notion that giving is better than receiving really rings true.

The crocheted flower brooch, used to decorate the gift is the pattern I showed you here.

Thank you for taking a look. I hope you’re having a good Tuesday. Ours has been chock full of rain so far. I hope it ends by this evening as we’re getting dressed up to go to an exciting event. I’ll be sure to get pictures and show you what that is all about.

xo loulou