Ebay Calling : Blue Glass and Charming Flowers

Here are some recent ‘cheap and cheerful’ items I got from ebay lately.

Memories of my maternal grandmother’s blue-glass Noxema jar, that she had re-purposed to be a little catch-all on her window sill, have left me with a lifelong enchantment with this cobalt coloured glass. So, when I happened upon this tall parfait glass, going for under $2.00 on ebay, I had to have it. The vendor also had this second one of a lighter shade, but for an additional $1.50 it would be mailed in the same package as the tall one, I thought ‘why not?’

This second group of items were found via my search for a bowl with an under-plate attached. After a recent lunch party where our salad-dressing bowl very nearly slid right off the saucer it was sitting upon, while being passed around the table, I have been after one with an attached plate. And as with the parfait glasses, the vendor had the matching milk jug and covered sugar bowl, that they would pop into the same box for only the additional cost of the item ($9 for both!), I went for these pieces too. I mean, how could I resist that cute vintage floral pattern?! And little jugs and covered bowls are very handy to have around the kitchen for things other than milk and sugar.

A small thing in life that gives me joy is seeing how Nick, being the main cook in our home, uses the little pieces of glassware I find on ebay and at thrift stores. I wash the treasures up and stick them in the cupboards and am always surprised and delighted when I see them again. He uses the things while serving our everyday meals, such as hot pickled peppers served in the smaller parfait glass the other day, alongside our soft-taco lunch. (Which was delicious btw .. you can see a story about this dish here). And this morning my ‘health giving drink’, so coined by Nick, (which is water and freshly squeezed lemon juice with cayenne pepper) was served in one of a cute little glass I nabbed on a recent thrifting trip with my sister (seen in this post, second photo, first glass).

Finally, I got some Corelle (pyrex) plates in the “Spring Blossom” aka “Crazy Daisy” pattern, in the salad-plate size. We have the dinner plates but I always thought the smaller sized salad plates would be handy, too. They were hard to find!

And that’s it for recent ebay buys. I was waiting to post this as I have another item coming soon, but it hasn’t arrived yet so I’ll wait ’til my next ‘Ebay Calling’ post.

Thanks very much for taking a look. Your visit is appreciated.
xo loulou