Hanging Out Back with a Friend


Here are some shots taken when our friend Meghan came over for a visit on Sunday. She and I met nearly 5 years ago, after she began working at the same place I did and we clicked during our very first conversation. She’s a kind, clever and calm person, who is into so many different things, so time spent with her is always an interesting pleasure.

In case you’re having ‘deja vu’, indeed this scene is very similar to one I posted about last week (here) after another much-loved friend came to visit. Truth is, when you’re grounded at home (due to healing after foot surgery), there isn’t much room for variety in settings … or attractive footwear, evidently.

At least the great weather we’ve had has allowed us to take advantage of our favourite room in the house. Something in hindsight that I’m really glad I did this year was to plant a bunch of annual flowers in pots that I can move around the deck. (You can see what I planted in this post.) They’ve added such nice colour and have been fun and easy to tend to. I’ll be doing it again next year for sure.

We’ve also been taking advantage of our flourishing crop of fresh mint and serving up Mojitos.

light mojitos-outdoors







We had plenty of great new-to-Nick-and-me music to listen to out there, as Meghan has recently digitized her music collection and we were the beneficiaries of her cds, a big box of which she dropped off a few weeks ago when I was still bed-ridden. We’ve been having a blast going through all this music. We played some of our faves for her and she got to hear her own collection through new ears.

I don’t believe I’ve ever shown you a picture of me carrying Boycat Eddie. He quite willingly lets me carry him about the place especially when I have my finger at the ready for him to hold onto with his paw.

With Mr. Social around, friends (who welcome him onto their lap) end up getting furred. We have a lint roller at the ready at all times around here!





Thanks for taking a look. I hope you’re having a good Friday, which will lead to an excellent weekend.

One of my favourite events of the year is this Saturday … it’s the all night art show called Nuit Blanche (see us out last year here). I can’t walk so we are thinking about riding our bikes out to one area where some of the displays are situated closely together. But we’ll see if we make it.

xo loulou