A bit of this and a bit of that

Here are some shots taken throughout last week, which ended up in this miscellaneous post because they had no other way of showing themselves!

1. Crosse and Blackwell building located at the foot of Bathurst Street, built in 1927 and restored in 1979. Apparently there is an original stained glass lantern hanging in a hexagonal pavilion just beyond these doors. I’ll have to go in to see it sometime.
2. There is a home with a big apple tree out front on Adelaide Street, west of Spadina. This was the last apple still hanging, as far as I could tell.

1. Condo buildings situation along Toronto’s waterfront.
2. Japanese Noodles in China Town, Spadina Ave just north of Dundas

1. Nick’s oldest friend Chris, who we often run into in the neighbourhood. They met as teenagers. Nick has 2 pumpkins in his backback and another in his bag! I am trailing behind carrying two more. (See what we did with them here)
2. Unique dahlias in a yard on the way home from the market.

1. Our friend Steve came over for lunch on Friday. This was (most likely) our last meal partaken outdoors until next spring.
2. A newly planted oak tree in the park. They are quite rare in our neighourhood, so I look forward to watching this one grow.

1. The shadow
2. The shadow-caster … Adelaide Street and Spadina Avenue

Thank you for taking a look. Hope your week is going well so far!