Halloween Decorations : Candle Displays and a Wreath

Alternate title: Will you boa out that candle please?

halloween decoration candle

This series of easy DIY projects are to demonstrate what can be done with inexpensive feather boas. With Halloween costume planning in full force (wherever it is celebrated), feather boas are relatively easy to come by at this time of year. I grabbed a couple of black ones recently and used them to decorate our home.

First I made some candle displays, using things I already had around the house, including a small plant pot, a juice glass, a shot glass, some tarnished silver trays, some pine-cones I recently gathered from under a tree in the neighbourhood, and a globe from a vintage lamp (three of which I found in a ‘Please Take Me’ box a neighbour had put out to the curb.) Oh, yes and some candles too of course. Then, in less time than it took me to find some matches to light them, I had these 3 candle-pieces set up.

To do it, cut the boa to the length of the diameter of the vessel. Then cut some craft wire 3 inches longer than the boa piece. Secure the wire, about an inch in, to one end of the boa piece. Wrap it around the length a couple of times and then secure the other end with the wire, leaving about an inch of wire at the end. Then wrap this around the vessel and twist the two wire-ends together to form a ring. (The feathers will hide the wire.)

Here they are with the candles lit ..

candle halloween decoration

There was plenty of length to the boa so I could have made 4 displays with one, which would be very handy if you’re having a party. They would also be great to use outdoors because the flames are protected from the wind.

I used the second one to continue with my ‘Decorate the Wysteria Wreath’ project. In a nut-shell, this summer I took clippings from a wysteria plant growing in my yard and wove them into a wreath, which I plan to use as a base for seasonal decorations throughout the year. (As discussed here)

I cut the boa to the fit around the frame and attached it in several places with craft wire. Then I attached the bow I made a few weeks ago for the Canadian Thanksgiving version of the wreath (found here). Btw, there is enough boa left over from the wreath to make two more candles.

black wreath halloween decoration

Hope you liked my DIY and will try out decorating your home with feather boas! Thanks for reading. xo loulou