A Funny Sight on the Way to Buy Tickets

On Saturday we went to a terrific concert that I had hoped to show you pictures of today, but alas, the day got away on me (= we went to the movies) and I don’t have the pictures ready. In the meantime I thought I’d show you the shots I took when I went to buy the tickets. The place where people in the Queen West neighbourhood buy tickets for smaller shows is called Rotate This. It’s an independent record store that has been in the area for ages, though it moved from down the street to its current location a few years ago. I’ve been buying tickets here since I can’t remember when. I actually used to kind of know and have a slight crush on a cute guy who worked there, but that was a long time ago! Well before I met Nick. (I have to put that in case he reads this, but also because it is 100% true!)

How about this next picture, taken across the street? I love that you see 5 methods of transportation represented in it. Walking, biking, streetcar riding, car driving … oh, and horseback riding!

The concert was Best Coast, who had an unexpected surprise for their opening band called Those Darlins. I got a bunch of photos, plus an outfit post of what I wore, coming up soon.

Thanks for having a look.
xo loulou

Rotate This is located at 801 Queen Street West, just west of Tucumseth Avenue, on the south side, in Toronto.

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