Goodwill Hunting : Recent Thrift Store Finds

Here’s my haul from a recent thrifting trip to Goodwill with my mom. This particular store located in the town where my parents live, is always brimming with excellent kitchen finds that are right down my alley. So everything I got is kitchen related but that’s ok with me. And I got so many treasures for under $25 total.

Every time I’ve gone there I have taken the time to look at the clothes but have never found a thing that I loved enough to take home. My mom found two really cute tops on this trip though, one little number that still had the store tags on!

1 and 2 : Vintage Pyrex Nesting Bowls. These were the find of the day. I have been collecting Pyrex for a long time and my all time favourite pieces have always been from the primary colours line, and these bowls are the two smallest sizes of the four nesting bowl set. Confession: I already have the whole set, buy hey, I couldn’t leave these gems, that were in mint condition, behind at $2 each! Fool that I am, I regrettably left the third one that was there, the green bowl, behind. Why, oh why?!

3 : I always like to search through every single piece of cutlery, looking for cool patterns, and by now I’ve amassed I nice assortment. These two finds were a nice addition to this collection.

4 : A plain, unmarked, milk glass bowl in perfect condition. Not sure what this bowl was originally meant for but I think it will make a nice vessel from which Nick and I can enjoy a some popcorn or something.

5 and 6 : An amber glass bowl, made by Anchor Hocking in the 60s. The pattern is called “Swedish Modern” and the official colour name is Honey Gold. I believe it’s the larger bowl of a “chip and dip” set.

7 : A small cut-glass tray. I think this was intended to be used under a matching milk jug and sugar bowl, but I thought it would make a nice little tray to serve a drink and a snack on.

8 : I am fortunate enough to have my very own resident pie-man so an extra Pyrex pie plate is always welcome in our home!

9 : The first set of dishes I bought myself when I began furnishing my own home were plain white Corelle dishes. No need to tell you exactly how long ago that was, but these same dishes are still being used in our home to this day. But along the way, some pieces have fallen victim to a hard tile floor, so I’ve been adding to this collection with vintage Corelle, selecting a pattern that was discontinued decades ago called “Crazy Daisy”, (aka Spring Blossom). These old dishes are very hard to find in good condition and to date I’ve never found any at a thrift store. So far I have 4 of the dinner plates and four salad plates, plus some serving pieces. And on this trip I lucked into 3 of the bread and butter plates. Woot woot. After finding them, I moved my cart along to look at the drinking glasses and while I was away from the plate isle, the Goodwill restocking fairy came along with 3 mint condition Corelle plates in another vintage pattern called Old Town Blue. So I guess now I have two pattern to continue collecting!

10: Ok, this picture is to appease my geeky streak in wanting to see all three sizes of my plates together! The two larger sizes were ones I already had, which I found on Ebay.

Thank you very much to having a look at my thrift-store goodies. Have you found any treasures while out thrifting recently?

xo loulou