A Toy Store(y)


↑ Update 2019:  The Toy Terminal has moved onto Queen Street West! – The shop is now at 710 Queen Street West, between Bathurst and Bellwoods, at the corner of Manning Avenue. ↑


We just got back from a week of travel to Canada’s West Coast late last night and (of course :) I have lots of pictures to post that were taken during our trip, but today I am going to post about a little trip we took just prior to leaving. That was a visit to a new toy store in our neighbourhood where we went to pick up some presents for the children we would be seeing during our voyage.

With all the children in our lives living far away, we keep in touch with cards, notes and the occasional mailing of toys. And one thing that always brings joy is hearing that what we have sent has made the little people happy. I love being told that we are an aunt and uncle who are known to give unique and fun presents.

Truth be told though, it was the store that we shopped at that gave us this reputation for giving good stuff, as there was a good one just down the street. So we were sad last year when we saw this little store close up and eventually turn into a dental office.

But now there is a new bigger and, in my opinion, better toy store nearby, called The Toy Terminal.




So I guess in reality, this post is a little self-serving because we really want this store to make it. There aren’t very many children in our neighbourhood, so it might be up to all the aunts, uncles, friends and grandparents to come together and make this store a success, so it will be here when we need to find the best present ever!

Our shopping experience there allows me to say with confidence that you will find something perfect. Not only are the things different and of good quality, the prices are very reasonable, and the proprietor is a lovely man. Plus he has 20 years of experience working with children so he knows what they like.

Check out The Toy Terminal, located a 624 Richmond Street (at Bathurst), just south of Queen Street in Toronto.

xo loulou