A Walk in the Park

On July 1st, Canada Day, I took a walk in a nearby park called Trinity Bellwoods. It’s only a short walk from my home and I find myself here often. Apparently there was a time that one wouldn’t enter this park on their own, in fear of being mugged, but I have never ever seen anything at all worrisome happening in this happy place.

It is mostly frequented by young adults out having a walk or a picnic, or getting some exercise. There’s a gravel path that goes alongside the paved path, specifically for running on, which is what I often do here. Don’t get me wrong … I am no marathon runner, but I do like to have a go. My routine is to run the full length of the gravel path then walk down the wooden stairs, speed walk up the hill on the other side, walk around the loop which meets the running path again, and run back down. Sometimes I do this twice.

Living with a fine cook means I have to get as much exercise as I can. There isn’t a single thing Nick makes that is not delicious, even left-overs! So I have to constantly think about how to get exercise. I keep my wedding dress around to remind myself! Funny thing about our neighbourhood is that while we have so much available within walking distance, there are no gyms nearby. There are many condo buildings though so I guess everyone has a gym there. I wish there was one as I quite enjoy going. As it stands, the closest one is a 20 minute walk away. I used to be a member but found that the 40 minute walk too and from was a workout in itself, so why pay the hefty fees at the gym?!

Anyway, back to the beautiful park … today I wasn’t running. Aside from it being way too hot for that, being a holiday Sunday there would be more people in the park than usual and plenty of people watching going on. A girl has her vanity and being a red-faced hot mess is not on!

xo loulou