Food Friday : Barbecuing Fun

For this week’s food related post, I thought I’d share the pictures from the afternoon barbecue we had during our stay-cation over the holiday week-end.

The pictures will do the talking with regards to what we ate. It looks like a lot of food for two, but when we get the coals going we always grill extra for left-overs during the week. Case in point, last night we had the most delectable home-fried potatoes made with some left-over baked potatoes. Our lunch also used left-overs from this grilling marathon, the shrimp, but I’m saving that story for next week’s food entry. It was that special, left-overs worthy of their own post!

Nothing much to talk about recipe-wise here. The mushrooms were put into the grill-pan dry and left to heat up really well. Then they were brushed with a mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This left them as juicy as can be! The shrimp were marinaded for a few hours in a mixture of lime juice, olive oil, a chopped scotch bonnet pepper (spicy!), curry powder and galangal powder (optional but really good if you can find it) and a bit of salt.

We drank a nice cold Pinot Grigio wine with lunch, 2011 Lamberti Santepietr from Italy. For white wine we usually choose a chardonnay, but have recently begun trying something different.

I’m not much of a styler when I take pictures around the house, meaning that the cast iron turtle just happened to be sitting right there on the table! I had found him inside where he’d been living for the winter and was getting ready to find the perfect spot for him in the garden. In the meantime, he hung out on the table!

In reference to the point about styling scenes for photographs, I do carefully aim my camera so any unsightly bits are not in the picture though! For example, with us on the deck this afternoon was the box from a new toilet Nick installed (hmm, there’s a first .. talk of toilets in a food post! Yay, Lou), that we’ve kept around for a cardboard drop-cloth for a few carpentry projects going on recently.

Look at that … It’s the weekend again! Woot. Here’s hoping that you have a good one. I am getting out of town for some fun but will have a ‘Saturday is Caturday’ post scheduled for tomorrow, featuring our favourite cat, Eddie!