City Walk: Lunch on College Street

Yesterday we had a nice lunch of pasta and wine on College Street, on a patio of an Italian restaurant. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name, because we ended up there after a long walk. We had initially headed to the happening area on Ossington Avenue between Queen and Dundas Street, where I had previously been on a Friday night with my friend Annette. I wanted to show Nick what was there now, as he remembered the area when it was a dark strip of empty looking warehouses, drug-dealing and hookers. I had found the recently transformed stretch to be really fun and full of life.

Anyway, it turned out that this area was all-but-dead on a Saturday afternoon, so I guess it really only gets going at night. So, after having seen it, we kept walking and ended up on College Street.  We didn’t mind at all though because this is an excellent neighbourhood for a nice Italian lunch (as it is also known as “Little Italy”).


On the way home we stopped at a bakery to pick up some bread and got some custard tarts too.

Then we came upon a house that thought it was a cottage!   It could easily have been located in what Ontario-ans call “Cottage Country”, which I see by wiki is a term unique to his area (did not know that) …  Cottage country is a common name in Canada for areas that are popular locations for recreational properties such as cottages and summer homes. The name is often applied locally; that is, any major population centre may have its own popular “cottage country” area.

A lovely day, followed by an evening visit from some of Nick’s old friends, Adam, (who was visiting all the way from London England!) and Morgan.