A Barbecued Appetizer Idea : Cheese Toast

Often when we get the barbecue going, Nick begins by making this simple yet delicious appetizer, that we enjoy while the rest of the meal cooks. It’s only bread, butter and cheese however this is an example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. The idea/method comes from his father, who used to make it for the family!

Method for Nick’s Dad’s Cheese Toast:

Use any type of bread and whatever cheese you have on hand, though cheeses that will melt work the best, such as Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, Mozzarella or Brie. This time we used a large slice of sourdough bread and two small slices of rye, with Swiss and Gouda cheeses.

First toast one side of the bread by laying it directly on the hot grill.  Watch it closely as it can burn easily, depending on how much heat you have going on. 

Then take it off and butter the toasted side. 

Add your sliced cheese and return to the grill.  Put the cover down so the cheese will melt.  If you’re using charcoal and it’s pretty hot, try putting the toast around the edges of the grill, rather than directly over the coals.

Once the cheese is melted and the underside of the bread is toasted, remove from the grill, cut into pieces and enjoy.  Ok, you’re probably thinking that this is so easy that it can’t be amazing.  But it is … the smoky flavour and the combination of textures is wonderful.  It’s a finger-food sure to please any cheese lover! If you want to fancy it up for a party, you could offer some sweet chutney as a topping.

Now I’m suddenly hungry. Talk to you later :)