Country in the City

I could tell you that we hopped in the car the other day and drove out to the country to pick up a pumpkin at a pumpkin-patch. Or I could tell you the truth and say that I popped over to the corner-store/grocer on King Street West, to grab a few apples and some milk. I was wearing my flip-flops because it is still that warm out up here in Toronto! yay. Summery weather was very late in coming to us this year, but it is sticking around now, so we don’t feel totally ripped-off. Because, we know we’re in for an unavoidable cold and nasty winter. Can you guess what season is not my favourite?!

This little downtown fall oasis was cheerfully set-up a mere 10 feet away from a streetcar rushing past. People were about all around, taking a break from their jobs in the highrise office building across the street. A UPS truck was on the side of the street trying to make a delivery and a police siren was heard speeding by in the near distance. All this, and a smiling little girl scarecrow!

I know that city living is not for everyone, but for me, it is love.

Wishing you a happy Friday!