Food Friday : Making Quiche

Some people take live action photos of their kids playing sports, or their dogs chasing sticks, or their toddlers dancing a jig. My sister-in-law takes awesome shots of people riding horses. Me? I take action shots of my husband cooking! He’s so quick in the kitchen that I have to be really fast to keep up with him.

These pictures of Nick making a quiche were taken the day before he came down with the flu (at least that’s what we think it was). He is such a considerate man that he left me with delicious left-overs to eat all week while he was under the weather.

The quiche he made was a vegetable and herb one. I won’t write out the recipe as there are hundreds of good quiche recipes already on the internet. I will point out however, one unique technique he uses when making his version … he mixes all the chopped vegetables and herbs together in a big bowl and layers this with the cheese, rather than layering everything separately. This way everything is distributed well throughout the finished quiche.

I’m glad to say that for the first day in over a week, Nick is finally feeling a bit better today. Not 100% but well enough to sit and read the paper for a bit. Wow, what a wholloping he took. I understand that this bad flu is making it’s rounds. I’m just wondering why I was lucky enough not to catch it from him. But so far so good. Knock on wood.

Happy Monday! Wishing you and your families the best of health.