In Kensington Market with Meghan


I know many of you are enjoying a day off today, while we in Canada had our three-day weekend last week (for Victoria Day). So on the holiday Monday I met Meghan for a little poke around Kensington Market.

This is a great part of the city that I’ve been going to since I was a teen, beginning when an art teacher was brave (and cool) enough to take a class of suburban kids to there to sketch when I was in 9th grade. (Btw, when someone in Toronto says they’re going to the market, they mean they’re going to this part of town, and not to a grocery store, which I believe are known as ‘markets’ in many places.)

I met Meghan at the pretty cafe she introduced me to during the winter (Fika, shown in this post.)






Although it looked very much like it was going to rain and actually did spit on us a bit, we sat out back on their patio. It was only a very light shower so we braved it and just as our treats (a Cardamom Latte and Gingerbread Cookie shaped like a Dala Horse for me, and a Quinoa Salad and Green Tea for Meghan) were being brought out to us, the sky cleared up and the weather turned nice. As Meghan would say, ‘we passed through a portal and something better awaited on the other side’. I love the way this girl thinks.




↑ taken on Meghan’s phone ↑



After a nice long chat (we hadn’t seen each other since February and were overdue!) on the comfortable patio furniture we headed to the streets and took a little stroll around. Here were some of the sights …



↑ this man was playing classical music beautifully ↑


↑ if only we could buy it in a shop ↑




We came upon a fellow with a table of necklaces that he made himself so I bought one as a souvenir of the day …


↑ in this shot you can see how big it is ↑


↑ and in this one you can see the pretty iridescence of the seashell ↑

Victoria Day is considered Canada’s kick-off to summer and if this fun afternoon is any indication, it’s going to be a good one. Hopefully you’re thinking the same thing. Well, unless you live in Australia in which case I hope your winter is being gentle.

Thanks for reading,
xo loulou