Much Love Monday : Kensington Market

This week for Much Love Monday, my photo with a heart was taken in Kensington Market. Since the idea of the Much Love Monday link-up is to post a photo of a heart and to talk about something you are loving at the moment, here’s my story ..

One of our favourite errands is walking to Kensington Market for fruits and vegetables. We went last Tuesday, which was a perfect day filled with beautiful unseasonably warm weather and lots of sunshine.

I have to admit that when we go together, Nick does most of the organized shopping, while I do a lot of looking around. In fact today he told me I was lolly-gagging! Even after 10 years of coming here regularly, I still get turned around by all the sights and colours.

And everything has been pretty well exactly where it’s always been for the time we’ve been coming here, as this market precedes our visits by decades, and is included on the list of National Historic Sites of Canada.

But like all things, change is eventually inevitable. While we were there we noticed a large sign in the window of one of the bigger stores, a butcher called European Meats, stating that after more than 50 years in that very location, they are closing shop next week. Some research indicated that the owner, a gentleman now in his late 70s, got an offer for the location that was too good to refuse, around $1.8 million dollars for property he paid around $6,000 for back in 1959. Given that, one can’t blame this family for deciding to make the change.

So, while I really love Kensington Market as it is today, I am also excited about change. It will be interesting to see who has bought this location and what they will do with it. The willingness to invest such a large sum, indicates that big plans are in the making!

Thanks for dropping in!
xo loulou

[Edit: Links to Much Love Monday have been removed because the site is no longer active.]

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