Running Into a Couple of High Guys on a Street Corner

I was walking along King Street a few weeks ago and then … well … umm … this.


When I got home I googled ‘Inflated Men on King Street Building’ and presto, got the lowdown on what this was all about (Aside : It’s hard to remember a time without it but we sure must have been confused about a lot of things before the internet.)

These guys perched high up on a building at the corner of Portland Street are an installation called ‘Ascending Giants’, created by artist Max Streicher. They were commissioned by a members-only club that resides inside that building, called The Stoke Club, to commemorate their 10 years anniversary.

They were huge and a little floaty like balloons, because essentially they are balloons, made out of nylon, each with a fan inside to keep them blown up.

Having been installed at the end of January they weren’t up there for long because when I went by that spot again yesterday they were gone. We’ve had a lot of wind lately and I imagine that could have been the reason for their brief showing.






How about you, seen anything odd or different in your neck of the woods lately?

Thanks for coming by.
xo loulou