There Was a Harp and an Ark in the Park

Not to mention all the creatures that bark were in the park too. Since it’s time for my weekly pet related post, let’s begin with these pictures of dogs.


The scene of the woman taking pictures of her cute and well behaved dog was an enchanting one to happen upon.

Then there was this guy (who coincidentally looks like the same dog) who really wanted to play chase the stick.



I know this favourite spot of mine, Trinity Bellwoods Park, shows up quite often here, but I go there a lot and I always bring my little camera (this Canon PowerShot) along, because you just never know what you’ll see there.


Like this ark creation, that I was lucky to get when I did, because when I went back a couple of days later it had all been taken down and you would never have known it had been there. Doesn’t it look like a child’s dream place to play?


I heard the scene pictured above before I saw it. You’ll often hear the strumming of a guitar, or the occasional beating of a drum in the park, although I only realize now while thinking about it that the regular drum circles are no longer happening here. I understand how those would be fun for the participants however they sure can get annoying for everyone else.

The sound of this harp floating gently over the air, was really different and quite magical.

So much so that when I approached the source of the music, a photo-shoot in progress, a woman and a man were walking by and I heard her say ‘Look … it’s so magical.’ Demonstrating the difference in genders, he just kind of grunted and kept right on walking!

This was the similar reaction between Nick and I when we passed the ark. He barely seemed to notice it, while I was all, ‘Ohh, look!’

But later he said that he likes how I see things that he doesn’t. I’ve noticed that he now stops more patiently when he sees that I am paused to take a picture of something. He seems more interested. And that’s got to be a good thing.

In the meantime, he is still hyper aware of the things that I might be blissfully oblivious to, like potential dangers. And that too is a very good thing.







Thank you for visiting, and wishing you a Sunday resplendent with good things.
xo loulou