At the Art Gallery : The David Bowie Exhibit


I’ve mentioned before that my friend Meghan has a membership to the art gallery, among other things this means that she and a guest get to see all the traveling shows on the day before they open to the public. And so it was that I was the lucky guest and the two of us toured the David Bowie exhibit at the AGO on Tuesday evening.

I arrived a bit early so I took some pictures outside.


Across the street from the gallery.




This picture below shows a glass addition put on the front of the old gallery building. When I was there last month for the Ai Weiwei exhibit, I showed you pictures of this part from the inside, seen here. It is a component of a recent redesign of the gallery by Frank Gehry.


These next ones were taken as we made our way through the gallery to get to the area where the Bowie show was.





Out-of-focus friend with an infectious smile.

Saying that it was an excellent show sounds like a lame sounding understatement to my ears. It was so very well done that it is hard to describe how exciting and neat it was to see.

Before entering you are given a special headset that interacts with the different elements of the show, so as you walk around you hear something specifically related to what you’ve approached, interspersed with selections of his music.

There was so much to take in that I was there for over two hours, staying on my own after Meghan had to dash to be somewhere else.

Picture taking was not allowed (torturous!) but this costume was displayed outside of the entryway, so I’m not sure if I was permitted to take it or not.


I found some good pictures of the show here, if you’d like to take a look.

In closing I will say that the David Bowie show at the AGO is really good, particularly if you are a fan of his music. It left me feeling very inspired to work harder at artistic endeavors, as he was (is) amazingly prolific and so very busy, always creating.


Thanks very much for taking a look.
xo loulou