Trying Something New : Out for Dim Sum


Have you ever eaten Dim Sum before? It’s a style of Chinese food that is presented in bite-sized servings, which come on small plates and in stacking steamer baskets. It’s like eating a meal made up of a variety of appetizers.

Encouraged by our pal George, who loves it, we ventured out to have some at a spot called Sky Dragon in China Town, for lunch on Monday.






I was once told by someone that I am ‘brutally honest’. Perhaps not the most flattering of descriptions, but I like the ‘honest’ part. So I shall be ‘brutally honest’ here …. Dim Sum is not my favourite kind of food. While some of it was absolutely delicious (the fried noodles, and the deep-fried wanton things), I did not really enjoy the texture of some of the dishes. It could have been our choices because given the crowd in the huge room at the early hour that we went, I am among the minority when it comes to such an opinion. Apparently on any given weekend, this place is packed to the rafters, with long line-ups snaking into the street. So I think I really have to give it another try in order to form a true opinion.





Regardless of whether it was my favourite meal to eat or not, I am one who enjoys trying new things (within reason … there will be no bungee jumping … ever) when the opportunity arises, and I was happy that I went! The way the food was served, some brought to the table by a waiter, and some presented on a cart that was rolled throughout the room, was really fun.


If you’ve tried Dim Sum before, I would love to know your opinion.

xo loulou