A Visit to the Art Gallery : Frida and Diego and Evan Penny

frida-and-diego-catrinas-by shadowland

Last week my friend Meghan treated me to a really fun night at the Art Gallery of Ontario, where a retrospective of the work of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera was showing. It was so good that after walking through it once we went right back to the beginning and had a second look.

No photographs were allowed in that section of the gallery, but I was able to get shots of these related pieces of papier mâché puppets, created by a local performing art troupe called Shadowland.





Then Meghan took me to a different area, where she told me a surprise lay in wait. It was the sculptures of an artist I’d not heard of before, Evan Penny. His huge pieces were latex and metal, and aside from the scale, were so lifelike it was stunning. That is until you looked at a piece from a different angle and found that the human shape had been distorted. It was really neat.






And as one visiting this gallery should not miss, we took a look at the Henry Moore sculptures. The AGO has the largest collection of his pieces in the world.



By the time we had seen these four areas, we had barely enough time to quickly dash through and see a bunch of the other amazing artwork, all to the sound of a voice over the loud speaker announcing that the gallery was closing.

Then we went to the dining room, where we had a Pear Margarita, which had temporarily been added to the menu in honour of the Frida and Diego show. Delicious!


I walked home afterwards, with images of all the wonderful art I’d seen swirling through my head. That, and the scent of skunk hanging heavily in the air. Someone nearby had come a little too close methinks.

As for what I wore, since I was just getting over a cold I dressed in something cozy and warm. I have worn this new sweater with leggings before and it looks cute, however for this night out I went for the warmth of jeans. I brightened things up to an otherwise dark outfit with a vintage purple mock-turtleneck sweater and a colourful lucite necklace and bracelet, both also vintage.


I loved the skirt that Meghan was wearing. It’s Chloe and she got it at a consignment shop.

Thanks very much for taking a look. Hope your week is off to a good start.
xo loulou