Watching in Amazement

After only ever having gone to the movies together once in the almost 14 years that we’ve known each other, suddenly we have gone to two within the same month! We happened to have been gifted with passes to see 4 movies together this year so we are using them up. And have really been enjoying them too.

The first movie we saw was The Hunger Games, which I talked about here. That was my choice of films, since I had just finished reading the book. So this time, it was Nick’s turn to choose. He wanted to see the Ridley Scott directed movie called Prometheus. It’s a sci-fi in the vein of the Alien series. When we arrived I was slightly disappointed to hear that the movie was in 3D. Having been out of touch with movie-going, I thought that this meant dawning those flimsy cardboard eye-glasses with one blue side and one red side, which never seemed to work very well for me. I was not yet familiar with the new world of 3D movies, that involve the wearing of sturdy special dark glasses. This new technology is absolutely AMAZING! I can’t stress enough how cool the 3D effect is. Stunning.

We both loved the experience and the movie. I had to laugh when the lights were turned on at the end and I discovered that I was the only female in the entire theatre! Ladies, surprise your male friends with a trip to see Prometheus in 3D. I’m not sure how much longer it will be running in theatres but catch it if you can, if only to try out the new 3D effect (though the movie held my rapt attention from beginning to end too!). Now I so wish I had gone to see Avatar when it was in theatres. Did you?

Since the theatre we went to is connected to a bookstore, we popped in afterwards because Nick needed a reference book.

When we got home and Nick had read the first section of his new book he declared that he needed a bookmark. You might know that I am a keen paper-crafter, so since the moment he mentioned his need I’ve been thinking about what I could make for him that would be masculine enough. Seriously, I think about these things … stray thoughts while watching the Olympics, about how exactly I could create something interesting for him. It’s silly to dwell on a mere bookmark, but the thoughts kept swirling in my head. Well, I had my eureka moment yesterday, so while listening to and semi-watching beach volleyball, I made him something that I think turned out really nicely. He likes it too. I’ll put up some pictures and a DIY tomorrow.

Here’s hoping you’re having a good week. Have you been enjoying the Olympics? What’s your favourite sport to watch?
xo loulou

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