Motion Picture Show

A week ago Monday Nick and I went to a movie matinee. This may be strange but it was only the second time we’ve ever gone to the movies together since we met almost 14 years ago. It’s not that we don’t like movies because we both do … it’s more that we don’t often like the same ones, and we watch on our home screen. But after this recent outing to see a film on the big screen we have resolved to try harder to come up with movies we’ll both like and go, because it was really fun! (Insert ‘doh’ a la Homer Simpson here)

We went to see Hunger Games, at my suggestion because I had recently finished reading it. Yes, I am late to this party but better late than never, right? I thought the movie was great and a very good representation of the book. Nick also liked the movie, though he found the premise of the whole hunger game thing to be unbelievable.

The theatre* is a neat one that is within walking distance. It has the look of a place that should be in Vegas and the fact that we were there on a Monday afternoon meant that we were almost alone, giving the experience a twilight-zone feel.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen such a contraption but they had this beverage dispenser that offered you a choice of endless combinations of flavours, that the young man taking our tickets was more than happy to show us how to use. Yes, getting a drink at the movies has now become rocket science! The choice we went with was so (surprisingly) good that I am trying to replicate it at home in a healthier version, which I’ll share here soon.

Particularly interesting to me was the experience of reading a book I really liked and immediately upon finishing it, going to see the movie. How cool it was to see how they would interpret the words that were still so fresh in my mind.

Now I’m on a mission to repeat this experience. So while the movie “Water for Elephants” has been winking at me on Netflix for the past month, I quickly went out and bought a copy of the book to read first. I recently finished it and am now anticipating watching the film. So it’s time to warm up that popcorn popper and get cozy … maybe tonight. Though I am having difficultly convincing Nick to watch it with me, considering it’s under the category entitled “Emotionaly Movies”.

Seriously, while we are on the same wave-length for so many things, movie choices are not on that list. For example, here is a screen-shot I took recently when I came downstairs and saw the movie Nick was watching that had been paused while he took a break! Cue me: quietly backing out of the room …

Bookwise, I’ve now moved onto The Help and will then watch that movie right after I finish it.

So please tell me, do you have a favourite book-to-movie combination you can recommend because I am hooked on this method of taking in the goods.

Again, I know I am behind on my reading list but honestly since I discovered the wonderful world of blogs last summer, I have spent so much time curled up with my ipad reading blogs instead of books. There is so much good reading to be done in blogland, right?!


* The theatre we went to is the ScotiaBank Odeon, located at Richmond and John Streets.