Photo Scavenger Hunt : Lime Green

Here is a situation where once you begin to notice something, you start to see it everywhere! In this case it was things that are a bright lime-green colour, and I was seeing it all over town this summer. I began to photograph the series back in June after noticing the neon green foliage the city had planted in many of the street planters (seen below). I have never noticed this bright colour in these mini-gardens before, and when I saw them I wasn’t quite sure if I liked them. The plants almost looked fake, they were so vividly coloured. But once I got used to them, I appreciated the pop of colour they added to otherwise grey streets.

But one item does not a series make, so once I got the picture of our new garbage collection trucks (Toronto has recently out-sourced the collection of trash to a private firm), I was on a lime-green roll. Here are the images I collected …

Thank you kindly for taking a look, and wishing you a terrific Thursday!