Something Old and Something New


You just never know when you’re going to come upon an interesting sight as you go about your day, right? And so it was that I saw this neat old truck during the most innocuous of outings. Nick needed a new pair of rubber work-boots and I tagged along for the ride. The truck was parked outside the store we went to called Mark’s Work Warehouse.

It is a Mercury and would be from sometime in the late 40s, making it about 65 years old. I so would have loved to hang around and see who got into it, but Nick was a man with a mission so was moving right along. In fact, you see the tiny figure in the distance at the top left of the first shot? Yup, that’s him.





I had another pleasant surprise there too, in that they actually have some cute women’s clothes. I would not have expected a place called a ‘work warehouse’ to have anything beyond jeans and tee-shirts but I ended up finding myself a nice dark denim skirt, which I’ve already dressed up and worn out to a fun night of music, wine, cookies, and good friends. (Of course I got pictures that I’ll be showing you next week.)

Want to see the new steel toe boots in action? Here they are, getting right to work even before all the tags have been removed!

rubber-boots-from marks work warehouse


Here’s wishing you a great weekend. We went to the garden centre the other day so I’ll be spending some time getting our container herb-garden planted. How about you?
xo loulou