Game Playing : Tomb Raider


After I opened the paper-wrapped package Nick handed me with a wink last month, I did a little happy dance. Now, I am a happy person but can’t say I dance a little jig of joy all that frequently. Yes, I do so in my mind after finding an excellent item at the thrift store (which I did last week … new Thrifting Finds post coming up next week!), but an actual arms-in-the-air-yahooing kind of thing is not my norm.

Why this happy dance then? Well, the package contained the newest Tomb Raider game for X-Box. I’ve played a couple of these games, featuring the brave adventurer and explorer Lara Croft, so I knew that I was in for a whole lot of fun with this new game.


I don’t often talk about my video game-playing hobby but I usually have a game on the go at any given time. Sometimes I will play them through fairly quickly and with others I’ll just come back to them every so often when I’m in the mood. I can’t say I enjoy all video games, as the ones that are simply ‘shoot ’em ups’ leave me uninterested, but the ones with a progressive storyline and lots of brain challenging puzzles really grab me. The Lara Croft games offer me exactly what I love in a video game.









I just finished it this week and was not disappointed for a moment.

Well I should be honest and say that I got all the way to the final battle but gave up after multiple tries, but the final battles of these types of games are always really hard for an average gamer like myself to complete and I have found that I don’t really miss out by not always wining that last, almost impossible, showdown that most games end with. All I miss is watching the credits roll.

For anyone wondering how I got these pictures … using my old lower pixel camera I took photos of the hd television set and then cropped them with Photoshop.

Now, I don’t expect to convince non-players to suddenly turn to an X-Box for captivating inexpensive entertainment, but I will close in saying that I found this installment of Tomb Raider to be a really good time.

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