Spotted : The Google Maps Street-View Car!

I love to look at Google Street-View Maps and have spent much too much time just looking at different neighbourhoods around the world. With it we were able to see exactly what the beach looked like in Aruba before we booked our vacation there a few years ago, rather than relying on the pictures provided by the travel brochures, who always find just the right angles from which to take their pictures, that make any beach look dreamy. I also had a good look at the streets around our hotel in New York City when we went, so I was oriented before we got there. And of course, when the maps of Toronto first came online, we scanned our neighbourhood looking to see if we knew anyone who was out at the time the pictures were taken, and hoping that the pictures hadn’t been taken at the exact time that we were walking home from the beer store with a two-four!

Have you ever wondered how Google Maps got their photographs? Well, wonder no more! I got these shots of one of their cars parked by the side of the street on Friday evening. Nick saw it again early on Saturday morning, so the google maps driver either lives in the neighbourhood or the car broke down. I guess this means we’re getting new pictures on the site soon though.

Here’s wishing you a great Sunday! What’s on tap for you today? We’re having a fondue later. Nick is excited about this and as I type I can hear him downstairs assembling the pot-stand.

xo loulou