Much Love Monday : New Music, Life Lessons and a Squirrel Update

If you’ve been visiting my blog for a while you will know that I participate in the Much Love Monday link-up and if you’re a new reader perhaps you’d like to pop over to Anna’s and see what that’s all about, but in a nutshell a Much Love Monday post is to include a photograph that includes a heart, along with a story about something the writer loves.

My photograph(s) were taken in a lane-way in Kensington Market. And I have three things to talk about on the love front this week ..

I do so love new music and the fact that we have tickets to see/hear two concerts this week, Cults and Kina Grannis! Going out to see a new band is one of my most favourite things to do so I’m excited. When it comes to my music choices and my ears are always piqued for the next new original sound. Sure, I appreciate excellent older music and will sing along when a great song comes up on Sirius Satellite Radio, but as for seeing music live, I have little desire to go and see the reunited comeback tour of anyone, or any of those tribute/cover bands who play the music of old bands note-for-note.

I prefer to go see bands who play original music, and people watching and mingling within the audiences that go to these shows. The mingling part is quite literal in that there are no seats at such concerts .. everyone stands/dances (and drinks if they want to and are of age.) The bands I love to see have relatively small followings and therefore their shows are in smaller venues, ones with tons of character. The two shows this week both happen to be at the same place, called The Phoenix.

It is on the East side of town so we’ll be taking the streetcar and subway to get there. What I particularly love about the location of the place is that it is across the street from a building that has had a profound impact on my life. This is the ‘Home For the Aged’ that I began working summers at in high school and where I continued to find summer employment throughout my four years of university. In total I worked there for 6 summers, and without this job I would not be the person I am today. At an early age, I learned the intimate and beautiful details of what exactly it meant to grow old, along with the empathy required to work in such an environment. The memories and life-lessons I gleaned from the seniors with whom I interacted shaped my outlook on life in general. Also, the financial security of knowing I had a summer job there made it possible for me to pursue my education, which (it goes without saying) shaped the person I am.

So this week I will be walking by the building in which I spent many many hours of my life.

Another thing I love this week is that I received the lovely necklace I won in a blog giveaway a couple of weeks ago from my online friend Mary. I love it and will be including it in a ‘What I Wore’ post soon.

And in response to those who kindly requested a follow-up to my story about the family of squirrels that had suddenly gone missing in my yard, (discussed in a Much Love Monday post here). Well, sadly most of them are gone for good, but somehow two of them stayed behind so I’m happy about that. But sad that the squirrel family I’d gotten to know and recognize over many years of our sharing the same yard, have gone somewhere. Here’s a picture of one of the two who are still here.

In closing I want to say that I really love and appreciate the fact that you are here, sharing your time with me and reading what I have to say. How about you .. what kind of music do you love? If you have recommendations, I’d love to hear about them!
Thank you very much,

[Edit: Links to Much Love Monday have been removed because the site is no longer active.]