Cool Old School : Central Tech

I thought I’d mark the first day of school here with pictures of this cool old high-school that I took while walking past it the other day.

It is called Central Tech, located on Bathurst south of Bloor. Situated on what was once a big apple orchard, the building of it began 99 years ago, with the first corner stone being laid on September 3rd, 1913. This was during the industrial revolution and there was much demand for education in fields such as chemistry, math, physics, drafting and mechanical engineering. Enrollment began with about 150 daytime students, with a whopping 1,600 more people attending evening classed. I found it interesting to read that when it opened such a large majority were night school students, older people who had to attend after working during the day. In this part of the city they would not so much have been working on farms, like children who were kept from school would have been in the rest of the country, but rather probably working at city jobs and construction, as so much was being built at this time.

It was interesting to read that this school was co-ed, with the girls have their own entrance and stairwells, in addition to being the only ones taught in the classrooms on the top floor. So while it was co-ed, there was no mingling of the genders at school back then!

Central Tech is the only school in all of Toronto that has the right to bear the crest of the city, because it is the only school that was build with only city funds and no provincial or federal money. Nowadays, enrollment has reached 2,500 day students.

I have passed it often, as the streetcar on Bathurst goes right by it. And though I’ve seen it so many times, I never fail to look at it as I go by. I grew up in a new subdivision and went to a modern high-school, but imagine that it would have been really interesting to spend so much time in such a beautiful old building.

Thank you for visiting. If you or people you love returned to school today, I hope it went well.
xo loulou

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8 Responses to Cool Old School : Central Tech

  1. this is seriously such a picture perfect school!


    Wardrobes I Met and Liked

  2. I have noticed that school too. So different from the schools that are built now. The old buildings are beautiful and I love to see the separate boy/girl entrances. So fascinating. Not sure what these buildings are like to inhabit now though. They must be difficult/expensive to keep updated.

  3. tessems says:

    I have actually taken photos of this school too (straight through the fence). The houses in that area are spectacular too.

    I wish I had gone to a school that looked liked that. I always get so incredibly jealous when I see the grounds of any English boarding school in films and that is exactly what this school reminds me of.

  4. Victoria says:

    There is a private school near where I live in the middle of nowhere but you can see it from the train and it looks like from Harry Potter film is truly amazing and Gothic and wonderful. I love old builings :)

    • Loulou says:

      Oh me too Victoria. While I am doing my best to appreciate the beauty of all the neat new building going up around here, I always seem to be drawn to the oldest buildings!

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