Palace Arms Hotel

I wanted to get some photographs of it as it stands now, because I suspect that it won't be as it is today for much longer.

I have no specific reason to think that it will be renovated any time soon, except that the area it resides within is changing by the day. Also, there were two other rooming-house type of hotels in this area of Toronto, that have been transformed into boutique hotels during the past decade. They are The Drake Hotel and The Gladstone. Interestingly, these two other hotels were built in the same year as The Palace Arms -- there must have been a boom of visitors coming to the city in the late 1800s, that required the construction of three fairly large hotels for the time, in the same year.

(As for The Gladstone renovation, there's a documentary, called Last Call at The Gladstone that depicts, as they describe it, the change from "skid row flophouse to arts and music hotspot".)

The Drake and The Gladstone are quite a bit further west from the downtown core than is The Palace Arms, and that's the part of the city where many tourists seem to like to be, so this all leads me to thinking that changes at The Palace Arms Hotel are probably not far off into the future.

I've been unable to find an historic photograph of the hotel straight on, but did find this one (below) of the eastern-most edge of it, taken in 1916 (so, 26 years after it was built). The photo is of the construction of the streetcar tracks along King Street West, in front of the hotel.

Today, I took the second photo from the very same spot, to show you how things have changed in a century.

↑↑ THEN : King Street West and Strachan Avenue - Taken May 4, 1916 ↑↑

↑↑ NOW : Kings Street West and Strachan Avenue - Taken September 24, 2011 ↑↑

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7 Responses to Palace Arms Hotel

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  2. I live up the street from Palace Arms and would be crushed if they changed the building — it’s beautiful. (even though it can get scary at night)

  3. Dr. J says:

    Leave the building, but sandblast it, clean it, and make it a place this neighbourhood is NOT ashamed of.

    • Billy bob says:

      Yes you should kill all of us poor folk who you don’t want your visitors to see because then you’d have to explain just how you can live with such filth walking YOUR streets

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  5. Billy bob says:

    Why be so shy come on in, i don’t think any of the hard working men who make this oldtimer their home will bite

  6. Billy bob says:

    Been here over a year and still no hot water but who cares most of the tenants are mentally ill so fcuk us it’s better than under a bridge but if your on ODSP like most after paying rent you can eat twice a week as long as you collect cigarette butts to feed your nicotine addiction, a tenant hung himself a few months back i can’t afford the rope

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