Thrifting Score : Cutlery pieces

Last time I visited my parents in the small-ish city where they live, my mother and I spent an afternoon at the Thrift Stores to see what treasures we could find. At the Goodwill I came upon two heaping trays filled with mismatched cutlery pieces. A quick look turned up some unattractive forks with bent tines and plenty of scratched up spoons. When did they make cutlery with plastic handles?!

Then I spotted a nice long-handled parfait spoon. I had just bought some of these new and knew the pretty spoon was a deal at 12 cents. So I started digging deeper. After 1/2 an hour of very noisy searching, I came up with a nice assortment of serving type pieces. Little spoons that would be lovely in a jam pot. And two nice butter/pate/soft cheese knives. I didn’t already own any of these so I was happy to find them. And how about that little hors d’oeuvres fork? Cute right?

Here are some photos of what I found. I prefer stainless steel cutlery over silver, even choosing stainless for my ‘good’ set. Not that I had the option of silver at this particular thrift store, but I’m just saying. I do love silver for jewellery and serving trays though.

I think all the other thrifters in the store were happy when I finally stopped all the clattering of cutlery. Total cost of the haul was $1.20 … I won’t even bother comparing that to the cost of the new parfait spoons I recently bought!