Wysteria Wreath

One of the plants we inherited with the garden when we moved into our home was a massive Wysteria Bush. This plant does very well in Toronto and, when in bloom, I gaze at a neighbours’ with envy. So many gorgeous drooping purple flowers like giant clusters of grapes. But not on mine. Oh no, nary a flower in sight. Instead mine sends off shoots of new growth like nobody’s business. Throughout the summer I am forever out there with my pruning sheers cutting it back. This has been going on for a decade. I thought that eventually I could get it to flower but by now I’ve given up!

This leaves many long vine-like cuttings, so this year I decided to wrap them into a wreath shape, which I can decorate later. Throughout the summer, I’ve added a couple more pieces every time I trimmed the plant.

Last holiday season I noticed that our changing neighbourhood has become one where people hang wreaths on their doors. I think it’s time for our home to join the party!

I’ll show you the decorated result when I’m done.

Thanks for reading!