Tweety Bird was in our Twee


Ok, I know the real Tweety Bird from the cartoons is a yellow canary, and those don’t just fly around these parts. But this little fellow who I caught sight of flitting about just outside our window, reminded me of him.






↑ Can you spot him in this picture?  Hint : Bottom left. ↑

My search indicates that he is likely a Yellow Bellied Flycatcher.

At this time of the year I keep my eyes peeled for different birds than we usually have flying around, as they are flying through the city going back south for the winter. Last fall we saw a hummingbird and a woodpecker in this same tree, and in the spring when the birds were flying north we saw a Brown Creeper and another, less yellow, Flycatcher.

Thanks for checking out this feathered friend. Here’s wishing you a tweet Friday. It’s a three day weekend here … Canadian Thanksgiving!
xo loulou