At a Fashion Show (part two) : Some Snapshots and What I Wore

I guess that title tells you all you need to know about the content of this post! The event was the fashion show that Nick and I went to at the end of March. I posted some photos of the show itself here, if you care to take a peek.

The gala event was held at a new hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, located in the downtown core, so we took a quick streetcar ride to get there.




If this had been held at one of the older hotels in the city, I would have said that the ballroom we were in was haunted. Just take a good look at the photo below to see what I mean. Who is that whispering in my ear? And where is her body?

at-dare-to-wear-love-fashion show 2013


The dress I wore is one I’ve had for a while, that I bought at a boutique near where I used to work. I cut out the tags back and I can’t remember who made it. That’s a blogger error I know, but to my defense I wasn’t keeping this blog back then. Now I have learned and since I often remove tags from clothing, I am keeping track of what is what.






I got the vintage bag as a gift from my mother at Christmas. She picked it up at a consignment shop, knowing I would love it. The maker is Parino and the tag says it is handmade.

I didn’t get a detailed shot of my necklace, but it is this one that Nick bought me for our last anniversary.

The boots are neat, in that they are stretchy, almost like thick textured socks with heels. They’re lousy for bad weather but quite comfy when things are dry outside. They’re made by Pierre Michel.

I wanted to show you a picture of my hair-do, which included some braids, so I asked Nick to take some shots of the back. He misunderstood what I meant and I have a couple of excellent shots of my derriere!

On that note, he has begun helping me take my outfit shots, and we’re still working out the kinks. But I so appreciate his help because tripods and camera-timers make for much more time consuming photo-shoots, and since I am almost always taking outfit shots before or after going out to the event to which I wore the clothes, I am usually in a rush.

As for Nick, I asked if I could take some pictures of what he was wearing, but no go. I was lucky to get a picture of him smiling in the streetcar, but that was a result of my stealthy trigger finger, as it was the final shot I got after a series of ruined pictures of him shaking his head quickly, on purpose to wreck the picture. In the one I got he is smiling at his own clever maneuver.

Here’s hoping you had a good week-end, and wishing you a terrific Monday.
xo loulou