Drugstore Beauty Department Finds

We have a store here in Canada called Shoppers Drug Mart. It’s called a drug mart, but sells all kinds of things that one uses in day-to-day living, including a small selection of groceries, vitamins, toiletries, treats, cleaning supplies, tp and tissues … well you get the idea. You probably have store like these where you live too.

But the reason I am including Shoppers in my love list today, is that they have a fantastic ‘points’ program, that is very generous and really easy to get free things through. You recieve points whenever you shop there and present your card at the check-out. Not only are we motivated to shop there so that we get the points, but also their prices are very good. We’re talking 2 litres of microfiltered milk by the exact same brand as is sold across the street in the grocery store, regularly priced for $1.50 less. That’s a big difference for something you use everyday.

And often they give bonus points for things you use every day so they really add up quickly. You can trade these points in to buy anything in the store, so you can use them to get band-aids and allergy pills OR you can do what I do, and save them to use for a fun shopping spree within the fantastic cosmetics and beauty department! A couple of times a year they give you extra motivation to use your points up in this department, by giving you a significantly better bang for your points too! This past week-end was such a bonus week-end, so I went and spent my points yesterday on a bunch of fun stuff … a whopping $90 worth of free things! It was a lot of fun. In the past I have used my points to get fragrances and have been able to try several luxury brands I would otherwise not have purchased for myself. This time, I went for make-up, and a dry-shampoo though. Here’s a picture of my loot!

(1) Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow – Black Magic. This is a new colour palette that I’m looking forward to trying. I have used these creme shadows before and love them!
(2) Revlon Luxurious Color Smoky Crayon – Black Smoke. It is a smoky liner & shadow.
(3) Marcelle Duo Eyebrow-Pro – Dark. It’s a slanted pencil on one side and a tinted gel on the other. My brows are very fine though I have never plucked them in my life. So being eyebrow challenged, I’ll try a new product when I find it!
(4) Marcelle Lux Creme Eye Shadow and Liner – Cloud 9. I love coloured liners so thought this one with a cream shadow on one end and smudger on the other was interesting to try out.
(5 top) Maybelline Eyestudio Color Explosion, Luminizing Eyeshadow – Caffeine Rush. I usually use whites, greys, pinks and purples for shadow, so thought I’d try a palette that has a beige, tan, brown colour scheme.
(5 bottom) Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush – Pink Plum. After receiving advice from the cosmetician, I thought I’d try a new colour for me. Pink! We’ll see.

I also got these two things that aren’t in the photo ..
(6) Marc Anthony Clear Dry Shampoo – I’m behind the times and have yet to try a dry shampoo.
(7) Cover Girl & Olay Foundation & Base – Creamy Natural. I don’t often wear foundation but I tried a sample of this product that is a base and a foundation combination, and I loved the sheer coverage, so I thought I’d give it a go.

So that’s what I got!

Thanks for checking out my post.

xo loulou