Valentine’s Day at our Place : 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you had a great day.

Thought I’d show you some photos of the goings on at our place today. Sorry there are no pictures of us in here, but it was one of those lazy crazy hazy days and the shots we took of one another are not internet worthy. As it turned out we both had most of the day off, so we just hung out and enjoyed Valentine’s Day, cooking in the afternoon and enjoying a dinner at home. Of course in any good relationship it’s important to show your love everyday, however we like Valentine’s day, as it’s a fun reason to give each other gifts. Neither of us really buys many things for ourselves, but we really like an opportunity to get presents for one another.

Here are the gifts I got from Nick .. A heart-shaped box of chocolates, a beautiful red pen and the sweetest card ever. It actually brought a tear to my eye.

I got him an enameled cast iron wok (made by Bodum). We have never had a good wok and he has always wanted one. He loved it, which made me very happy considering it weighed a ton and I had to get it home on public transportation, in the middle of a snow storm!

Some other random photos from the evening.

It’s now 7:30 and we’ve had our dinner. He’s downstairs playing x-box while I have popped up to do this quick post. Then we’re going to watch a movie on Netflix. My vote is for Fantastic Mr. Fox, but we’ll see if I am a good convincer!

Thank you very much for checking out my post.
xo loulou

Additional information: Card and Pen (by Pierre Belvedere) purchased at Valhalla Cards and Gifts at 791 Queen Street West. It’s a great shot that Nick gets all his cards at! Chocolates are Godiva. Wine by Deep Purple Zinfandel from Lodi 2011 .. we loved it!