Secondhand Valentine’s Décor – Thrift Store and Ebay Finds

Hello! And, if you celebrate it, Happy Valentine’s to you.

We’re on the “we like it” side of the Valentine Day fence, so our place is decorated and the table is laid with the heart print cloth.

This year’s décor includes these recent thrift store and ebay finds. I’ve posted a short video on YouTube, in which everything is shown close up and described, if you’d like to take a look. (Thank you, if you do!)

Everything in these first photos, except the red table runner and the flowers, is secondhand/new-to-me. The black and red heart-shaped sachet pillow is something I made recently, and posted a free pattern for here, so any crocheters out there can make one, too.

↑ This photo shows how I temporarily modified the winter vignette that was on this corner cabinet, to include some Valentine stuff. The newly thrifted element is the heart-shaped ornaments on the tree. ↑

↑ Nothing newly acquired in this photo but it’s included in this post because that vintage Valentine card is a favourite. So cute! ↑

↑ In addition to what is in the photos above, I also got this cotton black and white toile rose print flat bed sheet. It’s from Ralph Lauren Home and has barely been used, so I was quite glad to see it at the thrift store. I plan to turn into a duvet cover by attaching it to a plain black flat sheet. ↑

↑ From ebay, I also picked up another (my third) of these books of charming reproduction children’s valentines, which was published by Golden Books in 2006. I like to send a card to the children in my life, and since we have a bunch of new babies in our family, I needed some more! This book is quite adorable, with the valentines luxuriously flocked, so, if you’d like one, too, there were a couple more available on ebay at the moment. This was a bit of a last minute buy, so I didn’t get this in time to send cards out this year, but now I’m all ready for next year! ↑

Sending love and good vibes your way, xo loulou

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