Crocheted Heart Shaped Sachet : Renewable with Essential Oils

Hello! In honour of Valentine’s Day coming up, here’s a pattern for a crocheted heart-shaped sachet, that you custom scent with whatever blend of essential oils you like. Unlike traditional sachets, where the scent fades after a while, with these you just add more, so it will always smell nice. And, you can change the scent every time you replenish, if you want.

I call these “Everlasting Sachets” and have been making them for a while, but in a square shape instead of a heart, (examples shown here and here). I love aromatherapy and these work really well for that so I just keep on making them!

Now that I have several of them, I’ve tossed one into my empty suitcases and another into a tub of stored off-season clothing. But, of course, you can have one in every dresser drawer if you’d like! Back before Covid, when we were regularly having company over, I used to hang one in the guest washroom. They’re also good to bring on holiday because you never know when you’ll need a little dose of something that smells divine.

The idea is that you make a cover that goes over a 100% cotton cushion. Then you add your essential oils to the cushion and put the cover back on. The reason it has to be pure cotton, including the stuffing inside, is because cotton is very absorbent and will take and hold the scent well.

↑ For now, mine is scented with lavender and is hanging in our bedroom because lavender promotes good sleep. ↑

I know that crocheting is not that common a pass time these days, but really, you can make your cover out of whatever you want, such as fabric, felt, or hand knit squares. You just make a little pouch with an opening on the back, into which you can put the scented cotton cushion insert.

But, if you do enjoy crocheting, here are the instructions for this one. They’re a little complicated so I suggest the pattern is suitable for intermediate level crocheters. The finished piece is 6 inches tall, not including the hanging loop.

Supplies: Cotton yarn (mine was medium weight) and the correct size hook to go with it (mine was 4 mm). If you want to make a border of scallops all the way around it (like I’ve done in black), you’ll also need some fine cotton yarn/thread, like the kind you’d use to make doilies, and a smaller hook. Some cotton fabric to match your main yarn colour (because you can see it through the lacy crochet pattern). I used a bit of an old t-shirt. A bunch of cotton balls, unrolled and pulled apart (for the stuffing). A needle and thread. Optional : Whatever ribbon and button you want to decorate your sachet with.

Begin my making a triangle:

1st row – Chain 4 and slip stitch into first chain to form a ring.
2nd row – Chain 2, 2 double-crochet stitches into ring (to make first of 3 clusters), Chain 3 and 3 dc into ring (to make second cluster), Chain 3 and 3 dc into ring (third cluster). Chain 3 and slip stitch into top of first chain, to close the circle. You’ll have 3 clusters of 3 stitches, with 3 chain spaces between each.
3rd row – Slip stitch into top of first 2 stitches in previous row, to move you over to the “chain 3 space”. Chain 2, 2 dc into first space (first cluster of 3), followed by chain 3 and 3 dc into same space (second cluster of 3). Chain 2 (note, that is 2) “3 dc, ch 3 (note, that is 3), 3 dc” into next space. Repeat for third space. So, in each “chain 3” space in the previous row, you will have two clusters separated by chains of 3. Chain 2 and slip stitch into top of first chain, to close the circle.
4th row – Slip stitch into top of first 2 stitches in previous row, to move you over to the “chain 3 space” (which is a corner of the triangle). Chain 2, 2 dc into first space, followed by chain 3, 3 dc, chain 2. (You’re now on the side of the triangle). 3 half-double crochets into hole (the ch 2 hole from previous row. Note the stitch is a half-double-crochet). Chain 2. (Now you’re at the second corner.) 3 dc (back to double crochets), chain 3, 3 dc into corner hole. Chain 2. (you’re now on the second side.) 3 half-double crochets into hole. Chain 2. (Now you’re at the third corner.) 3 dc, chain 3, 3 dc into corner hole. Chain 2. (You’re now on the third side.) 3 half-double crochets into hole. Chain 2 and slip stitch into top of beginning chain to finish.
5th row – Chain 2. Now you’re going to do a “half-double-crochet” border all the way around — 2 hdc into the top of the “cluster of 3 stitches” and 2 hdc in each side hole, and “3 hdc, chain 3, 3 hdc” in each corner. Slip stitch to finish. Cut yarn.

(Each side of triangle will have 16 hdc stitches, plus each corner will have 3 chains.  The sides will be about 3 1/2 inches long.)

To add the top bumps of the heart:

The bumps are two triple-crochet scallops, bordered by a row of half-double crochet stitches.

Working from the back, attach yarn into 3rd stitch on one side of the triangle (anchor of a scallop).  Skip 2 and into next stitch, “1 tc, 1 chain, 2 tc, 1 chain, 2 tc, 1 chain, tc” (to make a 9 stitch scallop). Skip 2 stitches and anchor scallop into the next with a slip stitch. Slip stitch into next 3 stitches (with the 3rd being the anchor for the next scallop). Repeat series of stitches to make second scallop. Anchor into 3rd stitch from end of previous row.

Slip stitch twice to bring you to the end of the row. Turn work so the front is facing you. Now you’ll make a border of hdc stitches. 1 hc into base of scallop, 2 into 1-chain holes, 1 into each tbc stitches. repeat to finish scallop. anchor in centre with a slip stitch.  repeat for second scallop.  Finish with slip stitch into last stitch of previous row. Cut yarn.

Making the back part :

Create a triangle like for the front piece, then slip stitch your way to the next corner.  Chain 2 and turn work.  1 single-crochet into each stitch of previous row. Finish and cut yarn. (to make one side of the triangle a little longer to give some overlap so the top part can button closed).

Top part :

18 very loose chains (use bigger hook if you have one). 2 chain and turn.

First row : 1 hdc into each of the first 8 chain stitches, ch1 skip 1  (for button hole), hdc into next 9 stitches (18 total, matching 18 plus turning stitch of previous row).

Ch1 to turn, slip stitch into 1st 2 stitches.  Repeat scallops and border part from front. Finish and cut yarn.

I connected all the pieces with a row of slip stitches all the way around the heart but you can use some yarn and a tapestry needle, and stitch the pieces together, if you prefer. Sew the button on with regular thread.

If you want to add a border of scallops, attach your fine yarn/thread right in the centre of the two heart-scallops. Skip 1 stitch and make scallop with 9 double-crochet stitches. Skip 1 and anchor scallop. Repeat all the way around, except at the bottom of the point where you’ll need more stitches to turn — 11 worked for me.

All a hanging loop, made of ribbon or of a 10 to 20 stitch chain. Weave in all your ends. Decorate with a ribbon bow, and, if desired, a button.

To Make the Cushions :

Note: Unlike for the square sachets, where the cushion insert was easy to take out and put it, for this heart shaped one, I decided to make the main cushion which you’ll just leave inside the cover, and then an additional small one that you’ll take out and apply the essential oils to.

You’ll want the heart shaped cushion to fit inside perfectly because, as mentioned you’ll be able to see it through the lace of the heart, so you don’t want it too big or you’ll see wrinkles. So, to measure, on scrap paper, trace half your finished heart (before attaching back and before scalloped border). Cut and fold in half to make a whole heart (to make sure it’s even on both sides). Cut out and use for a pattern. Cut two from your cotton fabric, plus a rectangle for the second small cushion.

I just sewed them together by hand but feel free to use a machine if you want. With right sides together (if there is a right side to your fabric), sew together with a running stitch about 1/3 inch from the edge, leaving a 1 1/2 inch opening. Turn piece right-side-out and stuff with shredded cotton balls. Stitch the opening shut. Repeat with rectangular piece.

I hope that all makes scents … I mean, sense, haha. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail if you run into any problems that need further explaining.

With heart-felt regards, xo loulou