Week 29 Creative Challenge : Crocheting Doilies with a Specific Purpose

Hello! Checking in with my Creative Challenge . During week 29 of 2023, I made something that, I realize, will only interest a small specific audience — people who like doilies and who also have a tiered tray with a centre pole, that they’d like to put a doily on. I venture to guess there aren’t many of you out there, but I don’t want to miss a week of this challenge, and this is what I made last week, so here it goes!

I picked up this galvanized steel three tiered tray at HomeSense recently, which I envision decorating with different themed items, inspired by ones I’ve seen done on YouTube. Basically, the idea is to try to tell a story by putting a whole bunch of related items on the tiers, in an attractive way. It’s supposed to look interesting from all angles, sort of like a temporary sculpture. If you’re curious, you can search online for images, where you’ll see all kinds of different renditions. They’re often decorated for the various holidays. Being a lover of vintage things, I plan to use mainly vintage things on mine.

I like the overall look of the one I found but also felt it would look nice with doilies on each tier. Plus, once the idea was in my head, it wouldn’t go away, until I tried to make some. The challenge was to make something with a large enough hole in the middle for the pole, and an opening so they can go onto the trays. It might sound simple, but getting it to work out right, and lay nice and flat, required quite a few false starts. I used Aunt Lydia’s “Fashion 3” which is a thicker 100% cotton crochet thread, in the colour “Bridal White” and a size 3mm hook.

I didn’t write out a pattern because this is such a specific project, so I’ll keep this short and simple by just showing you some photos of what I ended up with. My collection of vintage Josef Originals Birthday Girl figurines was handy, so I brought them out to give you an idea of how this thing will look when it’s decorated (although, I plan to put more than just figurines on it). I’ll be back in the future to show you the tray done up properly, probably with an Autumn/Thanksgiving theme.

↑ To add interest, I made them all a bit different. This is the one for the middle tier. ↑

Wishing you well and thanks for looking! xo loulou