Week 30 Creative Challenge : Refurbishing a Curbside Find

Hi. I hope you’re doing well. Here’s what I did last week for my  Creative Challenge .

Last spring I found this shelf thing put by the curb in a “free pile” while out for a walk with my mister Nick. Although it was quite dusty and dirty, and Nick was suggesting that I leave it, I had a vision so decided to pick it up. We were quite a way from home and after about a block of carrying, I thought about putting it down again, but now that I’ve refurbished it, I’m glad I held onto it.

This “before” photo was taken after I’d cleaned it thoroughly, including giving it a wash with cotton soaked in alcohol to remove tape residue. As you can see, it originally had a clip and a labelling bracket for each section. It also had two holes that went right through the wood at the back, which, I guess, had been used to hang it sideways.

I removed all the hardware and filled the holes with filler spackling. Then, I sanded down those repairs, and also all the edges to smooth them down and make the shelf look older and more worn. I also lightly sanded the paint so the new paint would stick better.

It took 3 coats of paint to cover completely, with drying time in between. (I really like the paint I used, called Americana Decor Satin Enamels in the shade “Moss Green”, and would recommend it, but I got it at Michaels, where they don’t seem to be carrying it any longer. I’m sad about that because it came in some beautiful colours and I wanted to get more, but I missed out. I found it online but only in plain colours, so I’m thinking that’s the leftovers and that it is no longer being produced.)

You can still slightly see the spots where the holes were filled but I’m not sure if that could have been avoided. The holes were pretty big and I did fill them completely with the filler and then sanded well until they were completely smooth to the touch. I don’t mind that they show slightly though, because I wanted it to look old and well used anyway.

↑ The crocheted flowers were a previous “Creative Challenge” achievement, written about in this post. ↑

↑ I picked up all the china tea cups and saucers I used in the display at a neighbourhood yard sale recently. The 3 cups, 2 saucers and another dessert plate (not included), all in perfect condition, were had for a total of $8 Cdn, which I thought was a very good deal. The cotton heart, made from a piece of a vintage pillow case, was also a previous challenge make, discussed in this post. The hankie was from this trip to a great antique market located north-east of Toronto, called “Antiques on Highway 48”. I am now reminded that I’d love to go back there. ↑

Thank you kindly for reading. xo loulou