Thrift Store Finds and Displays : Winter

Cold enough for you?

definition: a greeting inquiry made during very cold weather. A humorous question one asks another when it is obviously quite cold. How are you enjoying this winter? Cold enough for you?


Hello! I thought you might enjoy this excerpt I found when searching the phrase “cold enough for you?”. This is something we commonly say in this part of Canada, when it’s so darn cold you can barely stand it, but I was curious to know if this was a joke-question used by others around the world, as well, or if it was just a local thing. Since I found the definition online, it seems we are not alone.

Here in Toronto, we are closing out the coldest January we’ve had in 20 years. So, I sorted through the items I’ve found at the thrift store over the past while, that I have yet to share with you, and picked out the things that suit a winter theme.

Everything was discussed, including what I paid for each piece, in this Youtube video. Then, at the end, I’ve included a segment showing you around some areas of our home, with the items used within our cozy winter décor. I set the table using a collection of vintage Corelle dishes (and then forgot to take a still photograph of it!). Have a look, if you will.

Prefer to see still images? Here are some …

And, here are a few shots of some of the items styled around our home …

Thanks for dropping by and stay warm, my online friends! xo loulou

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