A Tree (no longer) Grows in Toronto

When I was a preteen my two all-time favourite books were ‘A Tree Grows In Brooklyn’ and ‘The Secret Garden’. Thinking of them now, makes me think about reading them again, to see what my younger self was so very interested in. Have you read those books?

That is an aside to the real purpose for this post though! I wanted to show you a series of photographs I took throughout last week, but before doing so, I want to revisit a photograph that I posted exactly two weeks ago.

It’s a good thing that I took that picture when I did, because this is what happened to this tree last week. It took these guys an entire week, from morning to evening, to cut it down and the last of the wood was just hauled away yesterday.

I understand why this particular beauty had to come down, as it was growing very close to an old church, and I can imagine that the roots of such a large tree were probably messing with the foundation of this historic building. Also, it was taking up a large part of their much valued parking space. So obviously the decision was made and it had to go. Having known someone with a major (and expensive) problem with tree roots breaking their pipes, I know that the city doesn’t just allow you to cut down a mature tree for no good reason, regardless of whether it is on private property or not. It’s part of the reason I love living here … they are very concerned about what is called the ‘urban canopy’.

Yes, I understand why they had to cut it down, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be missed. Being a maple, it was lovely to see the seasons change through it. During the decade that I saw it pretty well every day, this tree had become my friend, and I am sad to see it gone.

Thank you for your visit.
I hope you are having an enjoyable Sunday.
xo loulou