The Cat’s Pyjamas


There is one aspect of winter that I am sad to see go every year as things begin to warm up, and this is that eventually it becomes too warm to wear flannelette pyjamas. I get a real feel-good sensation about pulling on a pair sometime in early October, and say a fond farewell as I put them away around mid May.

I know there is nothing glamorous about these two-piece sets of soft cotton goodness, but here in Canada, if we are to have anything near a reasonable heating bill throughout the winter months, they are a necessity. Otherwise your sleep is disturbed by your shivering.

They are also the only items in my wardrobe (are night clothes considered part of one’s wardrobe?) where I get a little cutesy. While I love the look of cute clothes on others, like knee-socks and peter-pan collars, these looks just don’t suit me. But with my flannel jams, I can let the cute in a bit.






A few of these have never been worn because I usually grab the nice ones when I can find them, or when they are on sale. They really do seem to last forever, regardless of countless washes, though I did have to (reluctantly) relinquish one pair to the rag-bag this year.

I like to save some fresh ones for visits to my parents’, where my mother and I have been known to enjoy long mornings with coffee and a chat while still wearing our pjs. And I have to say, my mother has a collection of them that rivals my own! Talk about cute patterns … she has some doozies.

In case you were wondering why I am posting about flannelette pyjamas today, the day of the week that is usually reserved for pet related posts in these parts …


To further confirm that ‘Saturday is Caturday’ here are some shots taken this morning.

It looks like I am wearing make-up but that is left over from last night, in spite of me washing my face before I went to bed.







How about you? What do you wear to bed, if anything ;)

Thank you kindly for checking out my post.
xo loulou and Eddie too xo